My Local Stats Serves As Catalyst for Local Socio-economic Growth

By Mei Kuan

The Department of Statistics Malaysia today (October 26) released My Local Stats 2020, a publication that integrated economic and social statistics at the administrative district level which are vital for sustainable development planning.

Chief Statistician of Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin explained, “The availability of more detailed statistics at the local level benefits state and district governments in improving policies, governance and people’s socio-economic needs. Hence, when socio-economic imbalances occur at the global level, data available up to the district level serves as a better input in the preparation of more targeted planning, rather than the availability of data at state and national levels only.”

Among the main findings in terms of demography, it was found that Malaysia’s population aged 65 years and above increased to 7% in 2020. Perak recorded the highest percentage of the older age population at 11%, with Kampar recording the highest percentage (12.9%) followed by Kinta (12.3%) and Larut & Matang (11.1%).

The findings showed that the country will have to address the increasing percentage of older-age people by 2030. 

According to the Twelfth Malaysia Plan, a total of 140 Senior Citizens Centres have been established and the government plans to expand this effort to all parliamentary constituencies.

The media statement published on the department’s Facebook page also highlighted that the government will increase the support system and create more senior citizen-friendly cities in the future. For instance, the National Senior Citizen Registration System will be improved and its coverage expanded to safeguard the welfare of senior citizens.

“The health sector continues to be strengthened to ensure that the people have effective health protection. In 2019, there were 154 government hospitals, 1,114 health clinics, 1,771 rural clinics and 286 community clinics that serve the public in seeking healthcare. District level statistics showed that Kuching district had the highest number of government health clinics with 23 units, followed by Kinta and Kota Bharu with 20 units each and Johor Bahru with 17 units,” Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin added.

My Local Stats 2020 can be downloaded for free on the Department of Statistics Malaysia’s portal: This publication will also be accessible through mobile apps and web applications beginning November 2021.



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