IpohBug Creates Social Enterprise Initiative

By SH Ong

IpohBug believes in serving young people by equipping and empowering them to go forth and serve the community. In September, coach Rebekah and Bryan went a step further by starting a “Bake With a Purpose” project which aims at raising funds to support the ministry and the people within.

Rebekah and Bryan

Rebekah shared a heartwarming message regarding the project, saying, “This project was created to be able to help people in need of support. It was also created to help our student-athletes to be able to learn more skills and one day contribute a portion of those skills to the ministry.”

They are currently baking four types of cakes with various toppings to suit customers’ demands. They hope to eventually further expand their business so that they will be able to serve the community in a greater capacity as well as generate some income for their work. 

In line with their social enterprise initiative, IpohBug has spearheaded a platform for aspiring youths to become self-sufficient while serving in their various ministries as full timers and volunteers as well as underprivileged youths in their own communities. Besides Baking, they have also set up skill-based training centres for Apparel Design, Customised Merchandised Products and Trading under their Raise Youth Ministry (RYM). Through this dynamic entrepreneurship initiative, their ultimate goal is to produce self-driven entrepreneurs with a passion to build a career and vision to grow their sports ministry to greater heights. 

For more information on the activities of IpohBug, contact Augustine Chang at 012-5080742.



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