Letter: Please stop using our highways as racing circuits

I was driving along the North-South highway recently when an entourage of supercars zipped down the fast lane at breakneck speeds, clearly disregarding the speed limit and traffic laws. It is a selfish, irresponsible act which endangers the lives of all the other road users.

Let me send out a strong message to these drivers and all those who drive and ride dangerously on the highways and roads, regardless of their vehicle type. Driving aggressively only brings harm. Do not wait until there is blood on your hands to stop your ways.

Driving at such high speeds only courts danger and worse, fatal accidents. Please practice safe and defensive driving. This is not only the right way to drive, but it is also the sensible thing to do. We do not live in a video game. There is no restart, reset or go back to start in life. You and I only have one life and it is just that one. Please treasure it.

There is a time and place to flaunt the power, skill and performance of your car. It is on a controlled race circuit and even that has its own risks and dangers.

The authorities and medical frontliners are already busy battling the COVID-19 pandemic. We ourselves are not out of the clouds yet with regards to the virus, and dangerous and irresponsible driving at a time like this only adds on to their burden.

Please stop driving dangerously regardless if you are on a highway or public road. There is still time to repent. The year is about to draw to a close. We have lost so much to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some we are able to recover while there are those, who are gone forever.

There is no need to see unnecessary bloodshed, permanent disabilities and worse fatalities. Please be a safe, responsible and courteous driver.


Yeap Ming Liong


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of Ipoh Echo.



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