Sinovac Recipients Can Get Boosted with Sinovac

Many double vaccinated Sinovac recipients seem to be reluctant to get Pfizer or AstraZeneca for their boosters. The Ministry of Health (MOH) recently shared that about 3.5 million of them have yet to receive their booster jabs. 

According to Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, this is due to hesitancy towards mixed vaccines. 

“Although there is no harm with mixed vaccines, we notice that some of them are half-hearted to get AstraZeneca and Pfizer for boosters. Now they can choose the same brand for their third shots,” he said.

He further explained that people will now be given an option of Pfizer, Sinovac or AstraZeneca vaccines to encourage them to get boosted and protect themselves against the virus.  

“Any booster is better than no booster,” he said. 

Sinovac recipients will soon be allowed to book their Sinovac boosters and the appointment details will be released. 

At the moment, booster appointments are offered on a first come first served basis. 

According to Malay Mail, only individuals with health conditions such as allergies or those who cannot take mRNA vaccines can receive Sinovac shots under the National Immunisation Programme.

In addition, one can also purchase a Sinovac vaccine jab at private healthcare facilities at a ceiling price of RM77 excluding service charges. 

The minister encouraged those aged 18 and above, as well as the elderly above age 60, who received Sinovac to get boosted before March 1 in order to maintain their fully vaccinated status.

This is because their digital vaccination status will turn from yellow to white if they haven’t received their booster by March 1. Hence, they will not be able to enjoy the benefits open to fully vaccinated individuals. 


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