New Feature on MySejahtera Allows Users to Upload Their Self-Test Results

Apart from the new Bluetooth feature on the MySejahtera mobile application that allows the Ministry of Health (MOH) to track and identify close contact individuals, the app has now been further enhanced whereby users will be requested to post a photo of their COVID-19 self-test result. 

Upon uploading the photo, users need to state the date of the photo taken, the result of the test, as well as where it was performed. Previously, one was only required to fill in a form and declare the result of the test.

In the new update, users can click the button on the one-page form to upload their self-test result.

According to the MOH, if you display any health symptoms like cough, dizziness, fever, sore throat or flu, get yourself prepared with a test.

Besides Covid symptoms, one is also encouraged to conduct a self-test before visiting crowded public places, or attending an event. 

MOH advises one to do a Covid self-test at least five days after contact if they happen to be in close contact with someone who was tested positive. 

To upload a picture, go to ‘COVID-19 Self Report’, then ‘Update COVID-19 Result’.

For new updates, visit the MOH’s Facebook page.


Gisele Soo



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