Taman Sri Perkasa Residents Appealing for Rubble of Concrete Wall to be Fixed

The recent heavy spell of rain has caused grave concern to the residents of Taman Sri Perkasa due to the unstable structure of the road and concrete wall at Laluan Lapangan 8. They are worried that it will collapse. 

In an incident which occurred at 4am a few days ago, a part of the wall collapsed after three hours of downpour. 

An inspection was carried out by the authorities, however, the damage has not been repaired. 

Despite security guarantees from the authorities, residents are still worried of any untoward incidents. 

A resident known as Tan said that since the disturbance, residents have been frightened to the core every time they hear the sound of thunder. 

“The rubble area is only a few meters from the residents’ houses, that’s the reason we want this issue to be tackled immediately,” Tan said. 

The route is also a shortcut for other residents to get to Rapat Setia and Station 18. 

Gopeng Division MCA Parliamentary coordinator, Cally Ting hoped that immediate action would be taken to resolve the problem. 

“MBI will continue to monitor the situation so that action will be taken to ensure the safety of residents and road users,” she said. 


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