Cosplay Party Returns to Ipoh Parade: Registration Deadline Extended to June 9

By Mei Kuan

Ipoh Parade is hosting an upcoming cosplay party on June 11 and 12 following its first one held in 2019 which saw an overwhelming response. 

After a 3 year-hiatus due to the pandemic, the popular cosplay party now returns to the mall with a cosplay contest on June 12 being the main highlight complete with attractive prizes of over RM2500.

To date, the competition has secured over 50 cosplayers hailing from Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor and others. The cosplay contest will consist of three rounds: runway challenge, mall tour and talent show.

Open to Malaysians, there is no age limit for participation. Plus, the registration deadline has now been extended to June 9.

“The participants will be judged on their talent, overall costume and interaction with shoppers among others. Everyone is excited, especially parents of children joining the contest as most intricate costumes are handmade and made-to-measure in addition to the hairdo and makeup,” explained Alan Thoo, Head of Marketing of Ipoh Parade during a pre-event press conference today.

“This one-of-a-kind event provides a platform for creative expression for the cosplay community in Ipoh. It is both a party and a sanctuary,” he expressed.

To add to the fun, those not joining the contest are also welcome to come dressing up for the day as this is a golden opportunity to bring to life characters from a comic book, massive multiplayer online role-playing game, Japanese animation, film, cartoon, literature and more.

“The cosplay party is one of Ipoh Parade’s wackier offerings,” added Lim Huey Tyng, the Assistant Manager for Advertising and Promotions of Ipoh Parade.

Besides cosplay, the 2-day event will also feature doujin booths as a new attraction where fans will be able to buy handmade merchandise, art pieces as well as exclusive, self-published work.

To be held in strict adherence to the health and safety standard operating procedures, attendees are urged to perform self-test before attending the event.

Readers who are interested to join the cosplay contest can register via this link:

For more info, visit the Facebook page of Ipoh Parade.

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