MyComments: A Portal to ‘Eat, Play and Joy’

What is better than having a platform that welcomes your valuable insight, as well as give you the feedback of others? And all at your fingertips.

MyComments is a gold mine of precious information, designed for users to share their experiences and to make your life more convenient with an assortment of handy services.

Expand your horizons with MyComments. 

Being the first local review platform, MyComments is the key to the common head-scratchers, ‘where to eat’ and ‘what to do’. Not only will you find answers but the app also gives you a place to share your own opinions.

MyComments lets you get feedback from other users for places they have been to. This means, you will get to see reviews of places you might not even know existed. On top of that, you can give your own feedback as well.

Have you ever come across a food store that seemed empty but where the food turned out to be absolutely delicious? Or maybe you have discovered a shop with all your favourite designs at great prices? Do you remember how happy you were to uncover these “secrets”? Well, that’s where MyComments come in, as that euphoria of victory is what it aims to provide.

The quest for good food is a never-ending story. However, many often find themselves running out of ideas for where to eat or hang-out. The spirit of adventure that pushes us to explore our hometown quickly evaporates as we believe we have already been to everywhere available and we end up getting stuck at home. But MyComments is here to show you that there is still a whole new world, right where you already are.

Besides a delicious review, you can attach those tasteful photographs you have taken to intensify the ravenous appetite for food or adventure.

There are seven featured sections; restaurants, lifestyle, travel, near you, promotion, top 10 and halal within your grasp. All the things you needed to boost your fledgling interest in your venturesome course.

Upon signing up, a question on whether you are a Muslim will pop-up to cater to your needs and show content relevant to you. This thoughtful feature is definitely an added bonus to enhance your browsing experience.

You can even become a travel guide to other users if you have a knack of stumbling into unconventional places and are always on the move! You will find yourself a loyal following.

The co-founder of MyComments, Anson Leong, wants everyone to be able to enjoy these perks. And the one-step registration is a breeze.

“Most of the countries have their own influential local review website app. USA has Yelp, China has Dianping, India has Zomato, S. Korea has MangoPlate, Japan has Tabelog, Indonesia has Qraved, Vietnam has Foody and Thailand has Wongnai. There have been many local food review websites for decades, but they were unable to keep up their content and had to close their doors.

“Collect or bookmark the merchants that you like, so you can keep tabs on the places you want to visit. You can build your own digital book for free too. There are many interesting places and hidden gems that many people might have missed, and this is the app and website for you to find them. From the merchant page, you can browse the photos, make phone calls, and click the address connecting to Google map,” he highlighted.

Why are reviews and/or ratings important? 

Gives other users or potential customers a clear idea of the place before planning their visit.

Download MyComments from the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android).

Gisele Soo

MyComments: A Portal to ‘Eat, Play and Joy’
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