The Public Invited To Support The Run By Children For Children Flea Market

Did you know that children can learn to be “TauKe” too? JCI Kinta and Little Tauke will be jointly organising a different kind of Children Flea Market on 28th August 2022, where children aged 6 to 12 years old can participate in this two-part experiential learning programme about the right concepts of money management and how to run a business through 1) financial literacy workshop for kids and 2) hands-on operation of their own business stall during the flea market.

The above event is open to the general public and will be held from 9am to 1pm at Kong Heng Square, opposite Concubine Lane in Old Town Ipoh. There will be about 40 stalls, 35 of which will be run by children from normal families and the remaining 5 remaining stalls will be open to run by children from childrens’ homes. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to visit and support these stalls that are run by children for children!

JCI Kinta vice president and chairperson of the project, Randolph Tan, said that “the children’s flea market is part of the JCI Kinta’s Flagship Project “School of Hope”, which aims to develop children’s financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills at a young age to keep up with the trend shown by many statistics that entrepreneurs are starting out younger than ever!”

To ensure that children, whether from normal families or orphaned, rich or poor, can enjoy fair educational opportunities, he pointed out that children from childrens’ homes in Ipoh had been invited to participate in the event. This decision conforms to one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Article 4, which states: “Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning”.

“As part of the programme, co-organiser Little Tauke will be providing a three-hour children’s financial literacy course two weeks prior to the flea market event to help all participating children develop basic financial and entrepreneurship skills and concepts.”

The first 3-hour pre-event business preparation course for kids was held on August 13 at Share Space Solution. There were 28 students participating with their parents.

(The second course will be held on August 21st, and it is expected that 25-30 students will participate.)

In addition, he adds that all stalls will only accept cash on the event day so that the children can get closer to the real business experience of handling cash. For stalls run by children from childrens’ homes, 100% of the profits will be donated to their own childrens’ homes, while children from normal families will also donate a minimum of 10% of their net profit for other charitable purposes.

“This is because, instead of directly donating to these childrens’ homes, we thought it would be more meaningful and sustainable for the children to learn how to actually earn a profit from operating a business through this event. Then, teach them about compassion and giving back to the community by donating part of their profits to meaningful NGO projects such as to help cover some of these underprivileged childrens’ homes daily expenses. The idea is instead of directly feeding them, we teach them how to fish! That would definitely be more rewarding for the children. “

The above children’s flea market activities also received the full support and cooperation of Perak Youth Council and Perak Women’s Development, Family, Social Welfare and NGO Affairs and Perak.

YB Datuk Dr Wan Norshikin stated that financial literacy education among children should start as early as 6 years old in order to produce a financially savvy young generation. YB Datuk was happy to see the initiative taken by JCI Kinta, a youth organisation based in Ipoh, active in realising this noble wish for our younger generation. Through the “Children Flea Market” project, JCI Kinta aims to promote financial literacy by giving children aged 6-12 an opportunity to experience entrepreneurship through being a “Tauke” and try their hands at running their own business.

Pictured above (Left to Right): Puan Nurfarhana Lee Binti Mohd Zulkiflee Lee (Director of LPPKN Perak), 2. Srihartini Binti Mohamed Shamsudin (Secretariat Director of Pembangunan Wanita & Masyarakat Negeri Perak), 3. Mooi Ying Xian (2021JCI KINTA President,)4. YB Datuk Dr Wan Noorashikin Binti Wan Noordin (Executive Councillor for Women and Family Development and Community Welfare), 5. Stephanie Hew (Deputy Organising Chairperson), 6. Ng Pui Yee (Little Tauke owner)7.Eric Chuang (JCI KINTA member)

The organising committee is actively seeking for sponsors to fund and support the project (monetary, food or merchandise). Interested corporations or individuals, as well as children and parents who would like to participate in the event, can contact this event’s organising chairperson, Randolph Tan (010-390 8285) or the deputy chairperson, Stephanie (012-505 2926) to inquire. For more information, please follow the JCI KINTA Facebook page at

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