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ACS Ipoh’s 84th Stage Production Will Be Opened To Public Viewing

SMK Methodist (ACS) Ipoh are upholding their tradition of stage performances by bringing their 84th production to the public. Entitled BITTERSWEET, it will feature live performances, held at the ACS Auditorium.

The performances will take place on:
Friday 23rd September 2022: 3pm-5pm & 8pm-10pm
Saturday 24th September 2022 : 8pm-10pm

“Not good, not bad and certainly not ugly. A group of young hitmen were tasked to assassinate a target. Descriptions and elucidations all lead to the victim being in… school?

As they walked through the gates of school, they stumbled upon various obstacles and setbacks. Even as their cell phone kept ringing; for the boss demands that the duty be done! What will become of these 3 boys?”

After 2 years of lockdown, ACS’ production BITTERSWEET promises to provide the viewer with an experience like never before. They invite everyone to attend this original production.

Tickets are priced at:

RM 10 and RM5 for the night shows and RM 5 each for the matinee show.

Contact the following to procure your tickets:
Ain Ufairah 016-4488934
Leong Pui Yinn 016-5513158
Mr L. Kunasilan 012-5837173
Ms Shobana Nair 016-5554091

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