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‘Wood & Rhythm’ at Bukit Merah Wood Factory

Lahat, a small town tucked in a quiet pocket in Perak, consisting of residential and industrial areas, was enlivened by beautiful music when a concert, ‘Wood & Rhythm’ was performed with gusto at the Bukit Merah Wood Factory recently.

Artists from various parts of Malaysia took the stage to perform on their respective instruments. What brought the concert to light was the unwavering devotion of Tan Kai Lek, the founder of the Bukit Merah Wood Factory (Bukit Merah Wood Products Sdn Bhd), with the musical orchestration by Future Hub, a local musical group.

Determined to help others pursue their artistic talents; his generosity and open mind had led to the success of the first-of-its-kind performance. Every strike of the guitar strings and beat of the drum emblazoned the night, leaving an indelible impression on the hearts of the visitors.

Embracing the commonality within the diversity, the music offered everyone a chance to become close knit. Wood & Rhythm even saw the participation of people from the island of Borneo, who played Sapeh, an Iban musical instrument and dressed in the Iban traditional costume.

The instrumental concert embodied traditional and modern musical instruments. For instance, the drum, digital drum, flute, harp, sapeh (a lute used by the Kenyah and Kayan community in East and North Kalimantan), tabla (a pair of twin hand drums from India), gong and Guzheng (a type of Chinese zither) were among the instruments played by the performers.

Divided into two sections, the former arrived in a ‘flash combo’, wherein they performed one after another to welcome the guests and the latter starred four performers, three with instruments and one vocal.

The instruments were first introduced to the guests before they were put into action! People admired the music presented in the avant-garde setting.

Including the attendees and performing troupes, there were over two hundred people at the event.

Anyone who wants to experience the positive fervour, and learn more about the eye-opening musical session can visit Tin Alley’s Facebook page. Or watch the clip here!

Gisele Soo

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