Befrienders accepting volunteers

by KT Leong

Befrienders Ipoh are opening their gates for those who would like to volunteer themselves to become Befrienders. These volunteer drives are held only twice a year, and those who qualify and are committed to helping others will be given training and mentorship to become Befrienders.

Those interested can refer to the poster in this article and should register by November 6.

So who are the Befrienders? They are a non-governmental organisation (NGO) who have been around for 46 years. They offer free and confidental emotional support through a hotline for people who are distressed or suicidal, and need someone who will listen to them. If you feel depressed or you’re in distress, and you feel like no one cares or there is no one who will listen to you; you can contact the Befrienders, who will offer you a listening ear without criticism or judgement, while being free and confidential as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in Perak either. The Befrienders will be there for you by phone or even by email if you prefer.

For those who need someone they can talk and release their stress to, the Befrienders are available from 1pm to 10pm daily, and can be reached at this hotline:

05-5477933/955 (Hotline)

Or you can email to

Those who want to offer their help by becoming Befrienders, should refer to the poster in this article.

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