Green Silver Club launched at YMCA Ipoh

by KT Leong

Natural V Farm launched the Green Silver Club at YMCA Ipoh last Saturday.

The event was the first of what is planned to be a monthly gathering for the Green Silver Club. The Green Silver Club is a social club for the elderly that welcomes participants both young and old, to take part in social activities in addition to tending to the aquaponics farm that was mentioned in yesterday’s Ipoh Echo article.

For this inaugural event, a beginner’s introduction to ballroom dancing was arranged, with other activities planned for future gatherings.

Asked why they started the club, the organisers noted how it was easy to go stir crazy during the previous two years of MCO, so they wanted to create an outlet, especially for senior citizens, to become socially active again.

The aquaponics farm at YMCA is a mid-sized model, but there are home models that are only about the size of a water dispenser, as well as larger models for those with enough space. Natural V Farm hopes to extend its services to others, including schools, as tending to an aquaponics farm is both educational and practical.

For more details contact : Max Chin, 6013-8307928

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