Sharpened Word presents Maureen Tai and Preeta Samarasan

By KT Leong

Mark your calendars. On November 12, Saturday, from 2.30pm to 4.30pm on 22 Hale Street, Sharpened Word will be presenting a talk session featuring two award-winning authors, Preeta Samarasan and Maureen Tai. Both are Ipoh Girls living abroad, who just happened to be in town.

The moderators for this session will be Aida Nazeri and Dr. Paul GnanaSelvam, both stalwarts of the local literary scene. This talk is a rare opportunity that you simply shouldn’t miss.

Ipoh Echo had the unique pleasure of a pre-event interview with these two. It was meant to be a quick interview to whet the interest for the talk on this coming Saturday, but turned into an entrancing experience as Preeta and Maureen, meeting in the flesh for the first time, interacted and played off of each other in enlightening and unexpected ways.

For two people who have such different yet similar backgrounds, their individual journeys have also been both different and similar. They are like a lock and key that fit perfectly together, because they were both moulded by the same passion for writing.

Rather than failing to describe how captivating their conversation was, here are a few clips from our interview.

It was an honour to experience their first face to face talk together and word lovers need to go see them at 22 Hale Street this Saturday, because there’s nothing better than a conversation on a shared passion.

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