Six Easy “Jingle” Juice ideas for Christmas

by Anne Das

Cocktails and Mocktails are always a hit at parties, but can be time consuming to make. If you are thinking of hosting a Christmas party at home during this festive season, we have put together 6 easy to make aesthetically beautiful yet simple cocktails and mocktails to make it extra special this year.

Whether you are in the mood for the classic eggnog, a warming hot toddy, or a sugar cookie mocktail for the younger ones, these easy to make recipes will surely get you into a festive spirit.

These are beyond easy to make in big batches, which means you do not have to play bartender all night and everyone is guaranteed to have a glass in hand until you call them a cab home.

Get your cocktail shaker ready, it is time to mix up a batch of delicious cocktails or mocktails to your fancy. Luckily for you, most of these cocktails only require 2 to 3 different ingredients total!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!


The Moscow mule is all about the carbonation in the ginger beer, you do not even need to use a cocktail shaker. To preserve the carbonation, simply mix it right in the mug and serve over ice. This makes it one of the easiest cocktail recipes you can find.


Ice cubes, ginger beer & vodka + Add freshly squeezed lime juice & mint leaves and lime slices for garnish.


Step 1 : Pour in vodka, lime juice and ginger beer
Step 2 : Add ice cubes, and garnish with lime and mint leaves


Mojitos have a refreshing, minty taste that is perfect for sipping on a hot day. This drink has a slightly sweet and tangy flavour. In addition, the mint leaves give the drink a mentholated taste that is both refreshing and invigorating to the senses.

Ingredients (blend or shaken)

ice cubes, silver rum & freshly squeezed lime juice
Sugar syrup + mint leaves and garnish with lime slices and sprigs of mint leaves


Step 1 : Combine ice, mint, rum & syrup, lime juice and half of the lime slices in a blender. Blend until the mint and lime are pureed and slightly thick in texture.
Step 2 : Pour into chilled serving glasses and garnish each glass with remaining lime slices and a sprig of mint. Serve immediately.


This strawberry basil gin rickey is the perfect summertime cocktail! Not too sweet, filled with strawberry basil flavour, and a breeze to make!


Granulated sugar, lime, gin & club soda, fresh strawberries sliced & garnished with fresh mint


Step 1 : Combine the sugar and a squeeze of juice from the lime wedges. Muddle with the back of a spoon to dissolve the sugar. Add the sliced strawberries and lightly muddle.
Step 2 : Fill the glass with ice and add the gin. Top with a splash of club soda and garnish with the slices of strawberry and a sprig of mint.


Refreshing and bubbly, a Peach Bellini is a light and fruity Italian cocktail made in 5 minutes or less with just 2 ingredients: Prosecco sparkling wine and peach nectar.

Making a non-alcoholic version is easy as well, by using club soda in place of the Prosecco.


Ripe peaches peeled and diced + fresh raspberries + ½ cup water +1 bottle chilled prosecco


Step 1 : Combine diced peach, raspberries, and water + blend till smooth. Pour puree into a sieve to remove seeds.
Step 2 : Pour fruit puree into a flute glass; top with a little Prosecco and gently stir. Once the foam has subsided, top off with more Prosecco


One of the most traditional Christmas drinks around is the eggnog. Eggnog is a sweet, frothy, rich drink that is traditionally made from dairy products such as milk and cream, sugar, some form of spirit (traditionally brandy, whisky, or rum), and as the name suggests, eggs

If you prefer eggnog lightly boozed, just add rum and bourbon or omit altogether if it is for the kids.

Need an egg-free version of eggnog? Try coquito! It is the Puerto Rican answer to eggnog, made with condensed milk, coconut, spices, and rum.


2 eggs, beaten, 3 tablespoons sugar & 2 ⅓ cups low-fat milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract +1 dash ground nutmeg


Step 1 : Blend together eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla, and nutmeg.
Step 2 : Save in the refrigerator & serve chilled.


The Grinch Cocktail is an easy holiday cocktail to serve up at Christmas parties. With fruity flavours of melon & lemon-lime this cocktail is flavourful and eye-catching. The kids just love it and to be honest, the adults love this holiday punch too


Sugar, Pineapple Juice & lemonade
Sprite, Lemon Lime Cool Aid (Unsweetened) – Available in Jaya Grocer
Red Sugar for Glass Rim – Granulated Sugar + Food Colouring +1 egg white into a food processor


Step 1 : Start with pouring water into a pitcher, add Kool-Aid and sugar + stir till dissolved.
Step 2 : Add pineapple juice & lemonade and see it turn pretty grinchy!
Step 3 : Lastly to rim the glass, dip top of glass in water then, dip into red sugar.

Whatever you are doing this festive season, we hope that it is festive and cheerful.

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