2023 Welcomes 2 New Year Babies

by KT Leong

2023 at the Perak Community Specialist Hospital (PCSH) saw the delivery of a pair of new year baby boys.

The elder by about 4 and a half hours, is the second child of the Jong family. At a weight of 2.85kg, he was delivered in the normal way at 8.11 am. His parents thank the doctor and all the staff for helping their delivery process.

The second new year baby boy of 2023 is the eldest son of the Hong family. Delivered in the normal way at a weight of 2.64kg, he came into the world at 12.35 pm. His parents are joyful and thankful for their first child.

Congratulations to both families.

Established in 1904 as the Perak Chinese Maternity Hospital, PCSH changed their name to the Perak Community Specialist Hospital in 2003 in view of their evolution into a multi-disciplinary hospital.

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