Everybody’s Birthday at Tin Alley

by Anne Das

The Year of the Rabbit, was brought in with a bang in Ipoh this evening, as the Chinese Community organised a Heritage Appreciation and Prosperity Reunion Dinner. Held yearly, celebrating everyone’s birthday, this event catered to 1000 people who shared a meal together in this charming area of old town.

Thousands of spectators lined the streets of Old Town for the parade that was held within the Tin Alley circle to celebrate the 7th day of Chinese New Year.

There were four brightly coloured dragons that danced along the streets, accompanied by the booming, rhythmic beating of 150 drums and gongs, whipping up a festive atmosphere that gained applause and cheers from everyone present.

Drum academy of Ipoh

It was not just a celebration for Chinese New Year, it was a long-awaited restart to the ‘new’ Old Town Ipoh.

The parade also featured Malay traditional dances, Indian Classical Tabla, Chinese opera performers, plus ancient army characters. One very popular person was Cáishén 财神, The God of Wealth who was seen giving out red packets to the visitors while being driven around in a Cycledios rickshaw.

The display marked the start of the New Year amid a week of events to welcome in the Year of the Rabbit.

God of wealth riding in a Rickshaw driven by Adammes CEO of Cycledios.
Drum academy Cayson Chong responsible for the choreography of the 150 drummers yesterday.
Ipoh Adventures All Ladies Dragon – led by Andrew Cqhen all set to dance for the crowd.
Traditional Malay Dancers

Organised by the Tin Alley and like minded group of enthusiastic cultural and heritage organisations, this event brought this quiet area to life again.

Kudos go to Kai Leck Tan, the brains and enthusiast said, “everyone involved worked tirelessly to make this event happen, rain or shine.  And even the rain did not stop us.” Bravo Kai Lek

Kai Leck Tan with the god of wealth.

The seventh day of Chinese New Year is traditionally known as Renri in hanyu pinyin. According to Chinese customs, Renri was the day human beings were created and as such, the day is dedicated to celebrate everyone’s birthday.

fireworks that lit the whole sky after the rain.
the show went on, rain or shine
visitors from Australia happy to meet the god of wealth.
Largest lou hei

Yesterday was the first time that the Chinese community here has held a large-scale event since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and this event has received strong support from all our authorities and communities and this fully reflects the “Muhibbah” energy amongst the people of Ipoh.

Let us all look forward to a better 2023!


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