Appreciation for cancer fighters

By: Aida Aziz

Despite facing various obstacles in the fight against cancer, the strength of cancer fighters themselves deserve to be respected.

The sharing of some cancer fighters among women today inspires the public.

The challenges borne by the patient and also the family members involved are not as easy as expected because many processes need to be completed.

The Chairman of the Women, Family, Social Welfare and Entrepreneur Development Committee, Salbiah Mohamed said, some of them had to quit their jobs to continue their survival.

“I am grateful that this evening, I had the opportunity to meet with cancer fighters who have gone through many challenges in life due to cancer.

“Respect and inspiring. That’s what I can express because there are some of  these people had to quit their jobs.

“Some also had to stop their businesses and abandon their ambitions to continue with survival.

“My heart was touched while listening to the sharing of the journey and life experiences of three cancer fighters today,” she said.

She said this while attending the Hi-Tea WakeUp programme in conjunction with the celebration of World Cancer Day 2023: ‘Positive Life After Cancer’ with Perak State Cancer Fighters.

Salbiah added that she will also channel personal donations every month to the Perak Pink Champion Association and Perak Cancer Fighter Friends Association.

“To continue to give encouragement and stimulation to cancer fighters, I decided to make a personal contribution every month to the two associations.

“Hopefully this small donation can help the association’s efforts as well as a strong support for cancer fighters to continue to support each other,” she said.

In the meantime, she said, the government will also continue to support and help them as much as possible.

World Cancer Day is celebrated around the world on February 4 every year to raise awareness and invite people to take part in efforts to prevent and curb the increasing incidence of cancer.

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