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SAKO-Lah KARTUN @ Education Carnival and Open Day SK Jalan Pegoh

by KT Leong

There will be a SAKO-Lah Kartun mini cartoon and comic exhibition sub-event at the Education Carnival and Open Day at SK Jalan Pegoh, Ipoh. The objective is to promote the art of cartoons and comics among youngsters.

SAKO-Lah will be held on 18th Feb 2023 from 8am to 3pm in the school canteen and is organised by Sako+ and the Perak cartoonist community under Perak Creative and Arts Activist Association (PERCA).

The mini cartoon and comic exhibition will consist of:

1) Comic Exhibition – Doodle, comic illustration & comic books.
2) Caricature – live drawing from 2 famous local cartoonist from Gila-Gila and Ketawalah
3) Cartoon and comic sales – sales of local comics that are suitable for kids and some local cartoon merchandise.
4) Drawing corner – where visitors can draw a cartoon during the event and display it.

The mini exhibition will feature local artists such as Huzza, Ramzahurin and ChuOrn. Also supporting the event will be Mior Azhar as project manager & Nizzam as floor manager.

The event is open to the public and not just the pupils from SK Jalan Pegoh. 5 schools have been invited to join the carnival; Sk Raja Dihilir Ikram, Sk Kg Pasir Puteh, SK Rapat Jaya, SK Pengkalan Pegoh & SK Marian Convent. Thus, the expected crowd will be more than 1,000 visitors.

The name SAKO-Lah KARTUN is derived from SAKO and is the company brand, which is an acronym SA for Sahabat and KO for Komik, thus, it stands for Sahabat Komik (Comic Comrade). Thus, the event is named SAKO-Lah KARTUN as it sounds similar to Sekolah Kartun (Cartoon School). This event is an effort to foster good relations and cooperation between the Perak Cartoonist Community with institutes of education.

The organisers also hope that this mini exhibition will show that comic and cartoon arts is a way to boost creativity among kids in education.

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