Complaints of price differences, Perak KPDN officers inspect

By: Zaki Salleh

A total of 39 premises were inspected in an operation by a team of enforcement officers from the Perak Ministry of Domestic Trade (KPDN) yesterday.

Inspections focused on areas and premises that are conducted around Hoover Park and Lotus’s Ipoh Garden.

Perak KPDN Media Unit informs, an inspection was also carried out at a restaurant around Taman Hoover Ipoh regarding complaints related to food prices.

However, the results of the inspection found that the restaurant displays a price tag, and the price has remained the same for the past five years.

“Inspection of complaints at Lotus’s Ipoh Garden regarding prices offered not matching purchased items.

“The result of the inspection found that the price tag was displayed neatly and the cheap price was only valid until February 19, 2023,” said the statement.

The overall result of the inspection also found that the traders comply with the rules enforced by the KPDN.

In addition to complaints, enforcement officers have also carried out inspections of weighing equipment and the operation of essential items such as chicken, eggs, cooking oil and menu price checks.

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