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12 Jualan Ramadhan Madani location in Perak, FAMA targets total sales RM1 million

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari
Photo: FAMA Perak

TAPAH: A total of 12 locations are involved in the Jualan Ramadhan Madani programme at Perak in conjunction with the month of Ramadan this year.

The Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) is targeting a total sales value of RM1 million for the entire Jualan Ramadhan Madani in all the locations.

Pasar Tani Tapah here is the starting location for the implementation of this program and was launched by the State Rural Development, Plantation, Agriculture and Food Industry Committee Chairman, Datuk Mohd Zolkafly Harun yesterday.

The program continued yesterday in a lively fashion with special price sales which are price reductions of 5 to 10 percent for selected commodities and the implementation of Happy Hour.

Lambuk porridge was also distributed to the visitors who attended.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (KPKM) through FAMA held a Jualan Ramadhan Madani programme at 103 selected retail outlets across the country such as pasar tani, permanent pasar tani, Rural Transformation Center (RTC) and Medan Niaga Satok, Sarawak in conjunction with the arrival of Ramadan.

The objective of the programme is to provide market space for consumers to obtain Ramadan essentials and entrepreneurs to market products as well as assurance to the people that the essential goods to celebrate Ramadan are sufficient.

FAMA in collaboration with entrepreneurs will ensure the availability of agro-food supplies such as chicken eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits and other commodities will be easily obtained by consumers through FAMA’s retail outlet network such as Pasar Tani, Agrobazaar Rakyat and others, where all will be sold at a reasonable price.

The sales activity will be held before and the first week of Ramadan to make it easier for consumers to get supplies.

This program is a special annual sale of FAMA every time before Ramadan and the products that are marketed consist of household items such as meat, chicken, vegetables, groceries and small and medium industrial products such as ‘serunding’ (dry meat and chicken) and chips.

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