Firefighters were rushed to the hospital, suffering exhaustion while fighting a house fire

By: Aida Aziz

SITIAWAN: A firefighter was rushed to hospital after suffering exhaustion during the operation to extinguish a house fire in Taman Dinding, Ayer Tawar here today.

According to the head of the Ayer Tawar Fire and Rescue Station (BBP), Khairul Basri Sulaiman, however, the firefighter was confirmed safe and allowed to go home after undergoing an examination at Manjung Hospital.

He said that before that, the party received a call regarding the fire incident at 4.20 this morning before members from BBP Ayer Tawar with the help of BBP Sitiawan and the Ayer Tawar Voluntary Fire Brigade (PBS) rushed to the location.

“The fire involved a two-storey class A house with 50 per cent destroyed; the fire is believed to have occurred at 9.48 am yesterday, after which the fire is believed to have occurred again early this morning.

“There was a firefighter who suffered fatigue during the operation and was given initial treatment and taken to Manjung Hospital, he was not injured and was allowed to go home to continue his duties as usual,” he told reporters on Saturday.

He explained that the fire brigade did fire extinguishing work using two streams of 200 feet, two jets and one hose reel.

The operation ended completely at 8.06 am.

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