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‘Ipoh Cotton Candy’ variations for everybody

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: Just looking at a cotton candy stall will definitely bring back childhood memories.

Cotton Candy is synonymous with being a snack bought by parents for their kids.

However, now ‘Ipoh Cotton Candy’ appears with a variety of more than 10 interesting patterns of cotton candy to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Stall owner, Norshahira Mat, 34, said that so far they have managed to open three stalls in Aeon Mall Klebang, Ipoh Night Market and KTM Ipoh area.

“The first time we opened the stall, we received a lot of response from kids because of course they like to see the colorful cotton candy.

“However, after it had  been open for a long time, we see that it is no longer just kids but teenagers are also interested in buying it,” she said when met recently.

Norshahira said, they participate in many programs to promote and highlight the product to the public.

“If the business continues to grow, we certainly intend to increase the number of stalls.

“If there is sustainability, we will also want to expand our cotton candy business empire,” she said.

According to her, all the initial costs are borne by themselves and also the stall decoration and the design of the machine used to produce the cotton candy.

She said, when they first started the business, they only earned around RM200 to RM300 a day.

“When it’s been a while, the sales increased to RM600-RM700 a day,” she said.

So far the business has eight employees to operate the three stall sites that have been opened.

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