Water supply disruption in East Ipoh today

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – A total of 10 areas in the East Ipoh area will experience water supply disruptions starting at 9 am tomorrow following the work of connecting the water pipes intersecting in the Taman Ipoh East tank.

The areas involved are Lebuh Perajurit 1,2,3, Lintasan Perajurit (1 to 16), Persiaran Perajurit (1 to 8), Regat Perajurit 2,4, and Lengkep Perajurit.

Also affected are Jalan Perajurit, Selatan Bercham Line, Selatan Bercham Crossing 16,18,20, Bercham Crossing 16,18,20, South Bercham Crossing 3,3/1,3/2 and surrounding areas.

The management of Lembaga Air Perak (LAP) in a statement informed that the works are expected to be fully completed by 5 pm tomorrow.

The water supply will begin to be distributed in stages when the water supply system is stabilized after the repair work is completed.

“The duration of interruption and restoration of water supply in the affected areas is different depending on the distance of the location of the user’s premises and the pressure on the water supply distribution system,” said the statement.

Therefore, water users in the affected areas are advised to store enough water for supply during the disruption.

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