Steamed rice trader replace damaged food for customers

By: Zaki Salleh
Photo: Wat Kamal Abas

BAGAN SERAI – The honest attitude of a steamed rice trader at the Bagan Serai Ramadan Bazaar here should be used as an example when replacing the sale of spoiled food bought by customers.

The incident happened last week after five days of business at the bazaar.

As soon as a particular stall opened, there was a spiced fried chicken that had an aroma as if it had gone bad.

Earlier, 20 pieces of spiced fried chicken with steamed rice had already been sold.

The owner of the spiced chicken steamed rice, Norehan Mohamad stopped sales immediately.

He said that he did so out of a sense of responsibility even though he lost money and also did not want the customer to feel wronged.

He then uploaded to his personal Facebook page asking customers who bought rotten chicken to come to the stall the next day for a refund.

“There were seven customers who came to the stall after reading the announcements and news published in the newspaper.

“However, the customer did not want the money back but instead just takes steamed rice instead,” he said.

According to Norehan, he also apologized face-to-face with the customers.

It went viral on social media praising the honest act of this vendor.

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