An Evening of Compassion and Support at BeBeLEC Day-Care Centre this June

by Anne Das

Calling all residents of Ipoh!

BeBeLEC Day-Care Centre, invites you to an evening of understanding and connection on June 10 at the BeBeLEC Day Care Centre. This event is designed to shed light on the journey of living with dementia, offering support to both individuals grappling with this condition and the caregivers who stand beside them.

Living with dementia can be an arduous path, encompassing memory loss and declining mental health. At BeBeLEC Day Centre, they recognize the challenges faced by those affected by this condition and their dedicated caregivers. Their mission is to provide a safe and supportive haven, where individuals with dementia can find respite and engage in purposeful activities that nurture their well-being.

Join them for an informative evening where you’ll gain valuable insights into dementia and witness heartfelt stories from those who have experienced its impact first-hand.

Simon Lam, a professional caregiver, will share his personal stories, enlightening us on the realities faced by individuals living with dementia. Being inspired by Prof. Dr. Esther Ebenezer, an expert in the field of dementia care, will provide you with a deeper understanding of dementia and the various ways we can offer support.

In addition, the event will feature Richy Meg, a specialist in Kinesiology therapy. He will guide you through the transformative power of rhythmic movement, showcasing how it can bring balance to emotions and enhance coordination in individuals living with dementia.

Here’s a glimpse of the event’s schedule:

6:00 – 6:30 PM:

Ø  A guided tour of the BeBeLEC building which includes their captivating dementia-specific garden.

6:30 – 8:30 PM:

Ø  Prof. Dr. Esther Ebenezer’s insightful talk

Ø  Simon Lam’s poignant account of his journey as a dementia caregiver

Ø  Richy Meg’s exploration of Kinesiology therapy and its calming effects

Ø  Q&A session

Ø  Connect and share over light refreshments.

Malaysia’s First Dementia Multisensory and Motor Stimulation Therapeutic Garden is an obstruction free path designed to prevent digression, reduce confusion, and curtail apprehension. And for safety, brightly coloured yellow grab rails purl the pathway.

BeBeLEC Day Centre is a compassionate facility, dedicated to providing tailored services that cater to the unique needs of individuals living with dementia and their caregivers. The centre’s warm and nurturing environment fosters engagement, independence, and respite for caregivers and family members. Their state-of-the-art facility, complemented by a dementia-specific garden, serves as a sanctuary for reflection and tranquillity.

This event promises to foster understanding, create connections, and inspire new approaches in dementia care. Mark your calendars and together, let us make a difference in the lives of those affected by dementia, forging a stronger and more empathetic community in the process.

Date                : Saturday, 10 June 2023
Time               : 6:00 PM
Venue            : BeBeLEC Day Care Centre,
Address         : 56 Jalan Lang, Padang Tembak, 30000, Ipoh Perak.

For inquiries and to RSVP, please contact Mr. Vincent Lee at 017 807 9668 or (05-5060806) during office hours)

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