It it just a difference of opinion, on whether building a giant replica ketupat is waste or not – Exco

By: Aida Aziz

IPOH: The giant replica ketupat that was built in Kampung Bahagia, Sungai Siput recently is not only in conjunction with the Perak Visit Year (TMP) 2024 but also acts as an attraction for visitors at night.

This is because according to the Chairman of the State Tourism, Industry, Investment and Corridor Development Committee Loh Sze Yee, tourist visits to the Sungai Siput are usually only during the day.

Therefore, he said, the construction of the giant replica ketupat is not just a waste as claimed by some parties who are not happy with the idea.

“It depends on each individual’s point of view. If we do something, people may say it’s a waste. But if we don’t do it, they say that we don’t do anything.

“When we want to raise a place that needs attraction, for example, there is a place to build a bridge, if there are people gathered there then it will be an attraction,” he said.

He said this when asked by reporters regarding the allegations of a few parties who described the construction of a giant replica ketupat that cost about RM100,000 as a waste.

In the meantime, Loh added that the construction of the replica is still being carried out in phases.

“The construction of the giant replica ketupat has not been fully completed yet, there will be other pieces created there as a whole according to the time of day and night.

“It’s up to what others want to say, but the important thing is that the villagers there like the newest attraction,” he said.

Previously, the media reported that a replica of the largest ketupat with a height of 16.46 meters (m) and a width of 13.41m in Kampung Bahagia will be one of the attractions of TMP 2024.

According to the report, the state government has channeled an allocation of RM100,000 to build a replica of the ketupat which was started on April 3 while the rest was sponsored by the villagers.

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