Join the Fun-Filled Fiesta at 22 Hale Street

by Anne Das

Hey there, Ipoh Folks!

Wondering what to do this weekend or the next? Wonder no more! The hip and happening Hale Street Market/Bazaar is calling your name.

Explore a wonderland of creativity, flavours, and community vibes as you dive into the lively market buzzing with local artisans and their awe-inspiring creations. From funky handicrafts to quirky treasures, there’s surely something for everyone!

Hold your taste buds, because they’re not stopping there! Get ready to try out a huge selection of lip-smacking food, heavenly coffees, and sinful desserts . And here’s a little tip to make your shopping spree even smoother—cashless payment is encouraged. So, whip out those e-wallets and cards for a seamless experience.

Before heading out, remember to come prepared! Bring your own shopping bag to carry all those amazing finds and just in case the rain decides to join the party, have an umbrella handy.

Grab your gang, bring your sense of adventure, and enjoy the activities available at 22 Hale Street, this weekend!

Join the Fun-Filled Fiesta at 22 Hale Street

Event : Hale Street Market/Bazaar
Venue : 22 Hale Street Heritage Gallery, Ipoh Perak
Date : 27 & 28 May and 3 & 4 June 2023
Time : 10AM – 6PM

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