All You Need To Know About JCI Kinta’s Upcoming Junior Bazaar

By Lam Yat Yee

In case you missed it, JCI Kinta has been meticulously planning their second ever Junior Bazaar for some time now, and, of course, this year’s bazaar is bound to be an absolute blast.

The Junior Bazaar this year will be held on the 17th of June. It will take place at Meow Garden, an event venue located on Jalan Tanjung Rambutan, and will also be accompanied by a myriad of concurrent activities and programmes.

These include free health screening as well as a blood donation drive, run by Perak Community Specialist Hospital (PCSH). A dance competition for kids aged 6 to 12 years old, a mind-mapping competition, a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) workshop, a lucky draw, and even a petting zoo!

With roughly 200 children participating, JCI Kinta is expecting there to be as many as 2000 people involved in the event.

Meet The Little Taukes Of Perak!

Previously known as the Children’s Flea Market, the programme is planned with the same concept this year, which is financial literacy education for the younger generation. And by younger generation, we mean 6 to 12 year olds!

The programme is currently at the education phase, where they coach children on basic entrepreneurship skills where they learn how to bring their dream business ideas to reality and on how to effectively market their products from there.

But it doesn’t end there; as with every ambitious child, there should be a parent willing to support and nurture such ambition, JCI Kinta is also training parents and guardians alongside their children to ensure that they are equipped with sufficient knowledge to guide and encourage the children’s continuous development.

Yesterday’s class, the second and last workshop held at Imperial International school, was mainly focused on underprivileged children.

The classes were run with dual languages (English and Malay), and primarily taught the children basic financial literacy skills, such as sourcing, financial calculation, and how to make a profit.

However shy the kids were in the beginning of the workshop, all that awkwardness vanished as time passed and the kids embraced the creative liberty presented to them and engaged in the workshop with truly heartening enthusiasm!

Their joyful cheers as they shared their ideas was undeniably a reward in itself as the workshop ended with a simulation of the actual bazaar where the children were given imitations of real-world money and allowed to run their own businesses.

UTAR student volunteers also played a part in helping coordinate and execute the event, earning themselves USSDC points, UTAR CARE hours, and a Certificate of Participation issued by the Perak State Government.

Hence, it is certainly without doubt that the 2023 Junior Bazaar is going to be a blast! We hope that these youths will receive the support and resources they need to grow into the future entrepreneurs of Malaysia.

And, of course, we hope to see you there!

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