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Perak Cartoonists to the Bandung Comic Fest 2023

By KT Leong

3 Perak born cartoonists and comic artists have been invited to the Bandung Comic Fest 2023 (Pesta Komik Bandung 2023) this 3-4 Jun 2023. They will be going under the name Sako Plus (Sako+). They are Abu Huzaifah (Huzza), 35 , Khairulazman (ChuOrn), 49 and Mior Azhar (Mior Albarn), 40.

The trip is sponsored by Dana Kreatif Perak under People of Remarkable Talents(PORT) Ipoh and the Perak State Government. With the strong support of the Malaysian cartoonists community.

The objective of this delegation is to promote Perak cartoon and comic arts to an international audience and to strengthen the ties between cartoon and comic communities between both countries.

Sako Plus is scheduled to have a sharing session on the topic of Indie Comics in Malaysia and Singapore. Which will also feature the Singaporean Comic community’s own CmXnaut Studio. Sako Plus will be showcasing local indie comics at their booth, doing live caricature drawings and also launching their special edition comic-zine compilation, Dersik.

Pesta Komik Bandung 2023 (PESKOM) is one of the largest Comic Fests in Indonesia. It is organised by the Indonesian Comic Community. Previously it was called Pasar Komik Bandung (PAKOBAN). PESKOM is a rebranding for PAKOBAN. This year it will be held at Istana BEC, Bandung, Indonesia. Which will be attended by comic artists from all over Indonesia and other ASEAN countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore. The highlight will be the Bandung Comic Awards 2023 (Anugerah Komik Bandung 2023).

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