ISPM achievement in Perak increased, 669 candidates obtained excellent results

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: A total of 669 candidates in Perak obtained excellent results with grades A+, A and A- in all subjects in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2022 examination.

Perak State Education Director Mohamad Fauzi Mahson said the number was 2.42 percent of the 27,609 candidates who sat for the exam.

“A total of 13 candidates obtained all A+ for all subjects taken. The number of candidates who obtained at least honors or grade C in all subjects was a total of 3,192 candidates (11.56%).

“The achievement gap of SPM candidates in 2022 between urban and rural areas has narrowed, which is 0.04 points compared to SPM in 2021,” he said.

He said this at the Perak SPM Result Announcement Ceremony at the Perak Education Department Office here today.

Mohamad Fauzi said that overall, the achievement of SPM candidates in 2022 in the state increased compared to SPM candidates in 2021.

“The State Average Grade (GPN) for the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) 2022 results in Perak recorded 4.92, which is an increase of 0.04 points compared to 4.96 in the previous year.

“A total of 14,760 candidates have obtained at least a pass in all subjects taken in 2022,” he said.

He said, the percentage of candidates eligible to receive the SPM certificate in 2022 is (90.10%) compared to 2021 (85.71%), which is an increase of 4.39%.

Meanwhile, he said a total of 89 Candidates with Special Educational Needs (SEP) sat for the SPM 2022 examination in the state.

“One student who was visually impaired, managed to obtain 11A (7A+, 2A and 2A-), one Learning Disability student obtained 6A, 2B, 1C, while one physically disabled student obtained 7A, 1D and also one hearing impaired student obtained 5A ,2B,1C,” he said.

He added that for performance by subject, as many as 38 out of 80 subjects recorded an increase, 36 subjects recorded a decrease, while six subjects remained the same.

“Performance for the core subjects for Malay, English, History, Mathematics and Islamic Education has shown improvement,” he said.

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