Community Urged to Rally Behind Grace Home Care Centre

Your Support Will Make a Difference

by Anne Das

The urgency to address mental health issues has never been more evident than in recent years. As we navigate the aftermath of a global pandemic, the resilience of individuals battling mental health conditions deserves our unwavering attention and support. For more than three decades, Grace Home Care Centre has remained dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to recovery within our local community.

Grace Home Care Centre

Located in a 2.5acre serene environment near Tanjong Rambutan, Grace Home Care stands as a testament to compassion, empathy, and the unwavering dedication of Mr. Paranjothy and his family. For the past 35 years, they have been providing a safe home for individuals struggling with mental health challenges, creating an environment where residents find solace, acceptance, and the tools to rebuild their lives.

As the dark cloud of mental health issues looms large, Grace Home Care has witnessed a surge in demand for its services, even as resources remain limited. The impact of the pandemic has stretched their capacity to the brink, and now they turn to Ipoh Echo and the local community for support to continue their vital work. With a current resident count of 76 individuals, Grace Home’s mission is more critical than ever.

The man with a big heart – Mr Paranjothy, founder, and owner of Grace Home Care Centre here in Ipoh since 1998

During a recent visit, Ipoh Echo had the privilege of conversing with the owners, Mr. Paranjothy P., his wife, Vejaya, and their son, Joshua who shared their inspiring journey and highlighted the urgent need for community support.

Unlike government-funded homes, Grace Home relies on the income received from the families and caretakers of its residents to sustain its operations. More than 20% of its residents have no family or income to pay for board and care.And yet they still have a home, warm meals and care.

It is through the generosity and collective action of our community that Mr. Paranjothy and their team can continue providing the care and assistance that these individuals desperately need. Every donation, big or small, will help ensure the comfort, well-being, and rehabilitation of the residents under their compassionate care.

The wide-ranging mental health conditions among the residents of Grace Home highlight the pressing need for specialised facilities like this one. From depression and anxiety disorders to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), they cater to a diverse range of individuals who require stabilisation, rehabilitation, and ongoing support.

Residents outdoor work therapy – Farming & Plantation

What sets Grace Home Care apart is its unwavering commitment to empowering residents and nurturing their independence. Through vocational activities, job training, and life skills development, the residents are equipped with the tools they need to regain their confidence, develop a sense of purpose, and hopefully reintegrate into society.

Residents’ bedroom that are in need of new mattresses, beddings & a fresh coat of paint.

However, the challenges faced by Grace Home are daunting. Immediate needs such as new beds, mattresses, pillows, and covers are desperately required to ensure the comfort and well-being of the residents under their care.  For transportation and emergencies, they are seeking a Van that can seat a minimum of 6 residents. Moreover, Grace Home envisions expanding its facilities to accommodate more women patients, providing care tailored to their unique needs. However, without the necessary funding, these aspirations remain uncertain.

This incredible home serves as a crucial lifeline, provides a safe environment and round-the-clock surveillance. Many of its residents require specialised care and constant monitoring to ensure their well-being. It is in the best interest of these individuals to reside in a dedicated facility like Grace Home Care, where they receive the support they need and are surrounded by a compassionate community.

The pillars of Grace Home Care with more abled residents.

For these individuals, going back to their homes may not be feasible, as the impact of their mental health conditions necessitates specialised attention and care that surpasses what their families are able to provide. As many as 15 patients at Grace Home Care have been residents for 20 years, due to their severe mental health disorders such as schizophrenia and epilepsy.

Today, we stand at a crossroads where our collective action can make all the difference. Let us rally behind the noble cause of Grace Home Care and join hands in supporting the restoration of hope and the empowerment of lives.

Residents Indoor Work therapy – assembling and packing candle wicks

Financial Contributions, Food Donations, In-Kind Donations, and Volunteering Opportunities are all valuable ways to make a tangible impact. To find out how you can contribute or to arrange a visit to Grace Home, reach out to Mr. Paranjothy at 0105241123 or Mr. Joshua Jothy – 012-8861707.

Together, let us uplift Grace Home Care Centre and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow for all individuals battling mental health challenges.

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