Kopitiam Ipoh Famous Corner Unleashes Flavorful Surprises

by Anne Das

If you’re on the hunt for a cosy, yet spacious Kopitiam in Ipoh Garden South, away from the jam-packed ones, look no further than Kopitiam Ipoh Famous Corner. Formerly known as Hole in The Wall, this café has undergone a delightful change that is sure to leave you wanting to come back for more.

While my initial plan was to indulge in the well-known Caning Garden Chee Cheong Fun, I was foiled by its recent relocation (again!); so I decided to give this Kopitiam Famous Corner a chance. To my pleasant surprise, the dishes I tried here turned out to be true winners. Let me take you through some of the highlights.

Traditional Favourite – Butter Kaya Marble Toast, tastes as beautiful as it looks. (RM3.80)

Let’s start with the classic favourite – Butter Kaya Toast (RM3.80). This delightful breakfast treat features homemade kaya spread, marble bread, accompanied by a generous serving of butter. (Everything tastes better with ‘real’ butter). The homemade kaya gives a traditional touch, and the use of marble bread adds a delightful sweetness to each bite. It’s a simple pleasure that is simply irresistible.

The Kaya Jam here is laboriously handmade using creamy Kenkori Eggs & lots of love by Thomas ~ fondly known as CK, one of the co-owners of Kopitiam Ipoh Famous Corner.

Now, let’s talk about a dish that made my taste buds do a little happy dance.

I ventured into the noodles with the Braised Pork Ribs (RM8.50). This unique dish was prepared in the Teochew style by the talented young chef, Jackson, using his family recipe. The tender pork ribs practically melted in my mouth, while the fine noodles were tossed in a savoury sauce that perfectly complemented the meat. This traditional delicacy is best known for its fragrant soy sauce gravy, infused with a variety of spices. A true classic dish that brings back the good old times.

Braised Pork Ribs Wonton Noodles – Teochew Style (RM8.50)
27-year-old, Jackson who prepares his mother’s Teochew recipe for his delicious Braised Pork Ribs Wanton Noodles and he also serves up the Kai Si Hor Fun from Little Katong.

If you’re a fan of Kai Si Hor Fun, you will be delighted to know that this Kopitam serves Dato’ David Tan’s recipe; identical to the one served at his new Little Katong Restaurant in Canning Garden. This delicious creation captures the essence of Ipoh’s beloved dish, and each mouthful is a taste of true satisfaction.

Little Katong’s Kai Si Hor Fun RM 7.5

Craving some Western cooking? Look no further than Wong’s Western Delights. Led by the talented chef Jun Kit, this stall offers a variety of options, including the Bacon & Eggs sandwich platter (RM5.50) served with a side of Garlic Buttered Corn. It’s a hearty and fulfilling meal that hits all the right spots.

Real Bacon and Egg Platter comes with a side of Garlic Buttered Corn (RM5.5)

Aside from the delectable food, Kopitiam Ipoh Famous Corner deserves praise for its cleanliness. The spaciousness and large blinds create a comfortable environment, even during scorching afternoons. Additionally, the coffee here is a delight, and even with plenty of ice, it maintains its rich flavour till the very last sip.

It’s also worth mentioning that the stalls within this kopitiam are operated by a group of young entrepreneurs, who are passionate about serving quality food. By visiting Kopitiam Ipoh Famous Corner, you’re not only treating yourself to delicious meals but also supporting the future of the local food scene.

Location             : 50GF, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 12, Taman Ipoh Selatan, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Opening Hours  : 7am – 3pm daily (Closed on Thursdays)
Contact              : Thomas (CK) – 0127863960

Come and discover the yummy eats served up at Kopitiam Ipoh Famous Corner. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

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