MAPS – What is the fate of the theme park that was once the pride of the people of Perak?

BY: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – In less than five months, Perak will celebrate a very special event which is the Year of Visiting Perak 2024 for which all preparations are underway.

Perak’s advantage to attract tourists is undeniable because the state has a plethora of interesting places.

However, tourism in Perak is also entwined with an issue that continues to be talked about by many, which is the failure of the Movie Animation Park Studio (MAPS) in the city of Meru Raya.

MAPS, which used to be the pride of Perak residents, is now deserted when it closed in 2020, after three years of operation.

With a construction cost of over RM520 million not including loan interest, the project not only failed but also tarnished Perak’s image.

Until now, no one has dared to admit and take responsibility for the failure of the project, resulting in the loss of hundreds of millions of ringgit.

In March last year, a notice of an offer to sell this property was advertised in a newspaper, open until 1 April 2022.

However, until now the actual status of the former theme park is a question mark.

Some of the residents of Ipoh complained that the state of MAPS which is now like a haunted house, should not be left like that.

Private worker, Azroy Malek said, the MAPS area should not be left derelict but should be taken care of.

“Even if the MAPS land is going to be sold,it needs to be maintained. In this case, the authorities need to do something.

“We are worried that the area is becoming  a breeding ground for mosquitoes and we wonder if an inspection has been carried out?” he asked.

Marketing executive, Samsul Bahari said after MAPS was closed, the public, especially the people of Perak, lost a fun recreational venue.

He said the state government or agency that owns MAPS should explain to the people what to do at that location.

“MAPS Ipoh is not the first time a theme park has closed in Malaysia.

“We only know the news through the media. As Perak people we need to be told what will happen in the MAPS area,” he said.

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