MPTI cleans up garbage, drains and road shoulders

By: Zaki Salleh

TELUK INTAN – A community cleanup programme was carried out by the Teluk Intan Municipal Council (MPTI) and Puncak Emas Infra Sdn. Bhd. at the Simpang Empat Hutan Melintang area.

The locations involved were Taman Selasih Hutan Melintang, Taman Sri Intan, Taman Hutan Melintang, Taman Wawasan, and Taman Desa Bernam Hutan Melintang.

The main focus of the cleanup was on open spaces, drains, and road shoulders related to the accumulation of garbage and tree branches.

MPTI will also conduct regular waste collection to address the issue of garbage accumulation in open spaces.

Meanwhile, successful anti-illegal dumping operations were carried out at Jalan Padang Tembak, Jalan Sultan Abdullah, and Bandar Baru Teluk Intan by the Enforcement Division of MPTI.

A total of 90 pieces of illegal dumping evidence and 2 units of restraining cloth were confiscated.

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