Lecturer Swindled Out of Over Half a Million from Scammers impersonating J&T and Police

By Aida Aziz

MUALLIM: A distressing case of phone call fraud has left a 38-year-old female lecturer reeling from a staggering loss of more than half a million ringgit. This incident unfolded as individuals disguised as representatives from J&T company and the police orchestrated an elaborate scheme to deceive her.

Muallim District Police Chief, Superintendent Mohd Hasni Mohd Nasir, disclosed that the Muallim District Police Commercial Crime Investigation Division was alerted to the incident, reporting a loss of RM 537,659.89 last Saturday.

The investigation showed a disconcerting narrative. On August 3, around noon, the victim received a phone call purportedly from a J&T company representative. The caller alleged that the victim had two parcels awaiting collection at their office, containing five identity cards, five passports, and five ATM cards belonging to other individuals.

As the plot continued to unravel, the victim had her call transferred to what was allegedly the Perak and Bukit Aman Contingent Police Headquarters (IPK). In this call, the impersonator assumed the identity of a police officer and accused the victim of involvement in a money laundering and human trafficking syndicate. The distressing facade even included a claim of an issued arrest warrant against the victim.

This intricate web of deception compelled the victim to transfer money on multiple occasions between August 3 and 12, amounting to 25 transactions across 16 distinct accounts.

The victim’s change in behaviour, such as the non-stop attachment to her mobile phone and her sudden need to borrow money from her husband, aroused suspicion and made the victimised party aware of the scam.

Muallim District Police Chief Mohd Hasni stated that the case is currently under investigation in accordance with Section 420 of the Penal Code, pertaining to cheating. This charge carries a potential sentence of 10 years imprisonment along with whipping.

In light of this distressing incident, he issued a word of caution, urging the public to exercise vigilance and prudence to safeguard themselves from falling victim to fraudulent schemes. He recommended that individuals verify such calls with the nearest police station or access information through official channels such as http:/, CCID Infoline 013-2111222, CCID Response Center 03-26101559/03-26101599, and the Facebook page CyberCrimeAlertRMP.

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