Elderly Fisherman’s Membership Card Renewed with Assistance

BY: Zaki Salleh

LUMUT – An elderly individual who recently faced a distressing moment when their boat capsized while accompanied by their grandchild has received assistance by having their status as a fisherman renewed.

With the issuance of this membership card, they are eligible to receive any benefits accorded to registered fishermen.

It has been understood that the elderly individual in question, Omar Hasbullah, 60, encountered difficulties in renewing their membership card.

The aid to renew the membership card was carried out by the State Assembly Service Centre (DUN) Pangkor.

According to Pangkor State Assembly Member (ADUN), Norhaslinda Zakaria, following the incident of the capsized boat involving an elderly person and their grandchild last Monday, an inquiry revealed that the victim was a member of the South Manjung Fishermen’s Association.

“However, their membership registration had lapsed due to non-renewal.

“Out of a sense of responsibility, the Pangkor DUN Service Centre aided in settling their membership fee and obtaining a new membership card,” she stated.

The new membership card from the South Manjung Fishermen’s Association was handed over to the elderly individual yesterday.

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