Recital of Rukun Negara, a step in the right direction

By Yeap Ming Liong

The recitation of the Rukun Negara with a preamble at all government events is a step in the right direction. We are all aware of the National Principles. It is not just five line of sentences. It is more than that. It serves as a pillar to nationhood and nation building. These principles are a guiding light to instill a sense of patriotism and love for country within all Malaysians. The truth is the Rukun Negara and what it stands for should already be a way of life for all Malaysians.

Let us fully understand and appreciate the Rukun Negara. It allows us to do self-reflection and guide us in our words and actions. We are all working towards a common objective of peace, harmony and togetherness. The Rukun Negara strengthens our loyalty to country and responsibility towards each other. Let us practice what we preach.

In the same breath, the recital of the Rukun Negara pledge should not be confined to government events or schools. Reciting the pledge has to be expanded and amplified to all sectors. This is not asking too much. It is the minimum we can do as Malaysians to show not only our love for country, but for each other.

Also, the government’s proposal for the Rukun Negara to be recited at the opening ceremony of the Lower and Upper houses of Parliament must also follow through as our Member of Parliaments and Senators must lead by example.

We are only days away from celebrating our 66th National Day. Let us not allow selfish individuals divide our unity. Look towards not only the Rukun Negara, but also the Jalur Gemilang for inspiration, hope and strengthened sense of unity. Let these symbols of sovereignty and nationhood guide us to be better Malaysians for a better Malaysia.

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