Visit Ipoh Festival Empowers Small Businesses to Go Cashless and Advancing Perak’s Digital Economy Development

by KT Leong

With the Visit Ipoh Festival 2023 on the horizon, the Persatuan Seni Tarian & Pendidikan Antarabangsa (PSTPA) together with Pertubuhan Usahawaniaga Perak and Public Bank Berhad held a training session on 14 August for local vendors in a step towards ensuring a seamless transition to a cashless system during the festival, equipping vendors and participants with the knowledge and tools needed for digital transactions, enhancing the overall experience for both vendors and festival goers.

Supported by YB Salbiah Mohamed, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga, Kebajikan Masyarakat Dan Pembangunan Usahawan Negeri Perak, this training event underscored the importance of collaboration and community development.

“Embracing innovation and empowering our local businesses are keys to shaping a vibrant economic landscape for Perak, fostering growth and prosperity within the local business community. The training event for the Visit Ipoh Festival serves as a testament to our commitment to progress and community development,” stated YB Salbiah Mohamed.

“Success in the Visit Ipoh Festival hinges on collaborative efforts and forward-thinking solutions like these. We not only want to focus on the cultural aspect of the festival, but also to create an inclusive, digitally empowered festival environment,” remarked Audrey Kwan, President of PSTPA. “Through this event, we are not only preparing vendors for the festival but also contributing to the larger goal of advancing Perak State’s digital economy.”

Noor Iashah Husain, Chairman of Pertubuhan Usahawaniaga Perak, shared her thoughts on the event, saying, “The training event for the Visit Ipoh Festival represents our commitment to driving local economic growth. By empowering vendors to embrace cashless solutions, we are not only modernizing business transactions but also fostering a culture of innovation and convenience.”

Public Bank Berhad’s role as the official bank partner of the festival brought valuable expertise to this training event. The bank’s dedication to promoting digital transactions and enhancing the financial landscape aligns seamlessly with the goals of the Visit Ipoh Festival. This event underscores Public Bank’s commitment to supporting local businesses and contributing to the development of a vibrant digital ecosystem.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Mini Fukuoka Festival on 26-27 August at the Kinta Riverwalk, where representatives from the Fukuoka City Council will be present to promote Ipoh’s twin city. Visitors can enjoy food tasting sessions, immersing themselves in the flavours of Fukuoka while exploring the popular cuisines of Ipoh.

A local Bazaar Serumpun will also be held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 26 August – 1 October at the Kinta Riverwalk. Additionally, the festival will feature the Ipoh Band Showcase, where exceptional talents of Ipoh’s renowned military bands will showcase their talents.

Another exciting event is the Karnival Anak Muda, a celebration of Perak’s youth featuring a career fair, young entrepreneurs’ fair, and TVET fair.

For the full calendar, stay connected with the Visit Ipoh Festival social media pages. You can also join us to be part of the Visit Ipoh Festival community, whether you’re a vendor, artist, exhibitor, or an individual with a passion for making a difference.

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