Art & Sensory Motor Circuit At Yayasan Ipoh for Children With Disabilities

By KT Leong

Yayasan Ipoh (YI) is a beacon of light, continually illuminating the path of community contribution and societal enrichment. In a stirring display of dedication, YI didn’t just stop at providing affordable physiotherapy treatments—today, it orchestrated an extraordinary event that left hearts warmed and spirits lifted. The Art & Sensory Motor Circuit (ASMC), unfolded within the walls of the YI Convention Centre.

A symphony of compassion and innovation, ASMC was crafted with utmost care for children with disabilities. Its purpose? To ignite a spark of concentration and extend the reach of attention spans, paving the way for an inspiring day of learning. But ASMC’s magic didn’t stop there; it was also a gateway to unlocking the captivating world of sensory development for these unusual young minds.

For children who sometimes find words elusive, ASMC became a sanctuary—a place where emotions found solace and expression flowed freely. Concentration and attention, nurtured with care, danced in harmony with the kids’ feelings, painting an intricate canvas of healing.

As the sun rose higher, so did the spirits of both parents and children, united in colorful activities that unfolded like vibrant petals of a flourishing garden. Together, they delved into coloring and matching, not just as individuals, but as allies in the journey of understanding.

This remarkable event not only enriched the lives of the young participants but also bestowed wisdom upon parents. ASMC became a treasure trove of shared experiences, fostering a sense of unity as they ventured through each activity hand in hand.

Under the nurturing guidance of YI’s occupational therapy and daycare experts, around 50 individuals—parents, siblings, and little champions—took center stage in this heartwarming spectacle.

Dato’ Dr. Ramanathan Ramiah, the visionary at the helm of YI, stepped forward as a true beacon of hope, a guiding light in this heartwarming tale. With hands full of prizes and hearts full of pride, he bestowed tokens of recognition to each family. His words echoed through the air, a declaration of YI’s unwavering commitment to the community. The success of ASMC served as an enchanting prelude to an exciting future—where YI’s promise to illuminate lives burns even brighter.

In a world often overshadowed by challenges, YI’s ASMC was a symphony of resilience, unity, and boundless love—a masterpiece etched into the hearts of all who were fortunate to witness its magic.

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