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Visit Ipoh Festival: Pioneering a Cashless Culture and Galvanising the Digital Economy

By KT Leong

Ipoh is set to host its first-ever cashless festival, the Visit Ipoh Festival, from 26 August to 1 October. This event, supported by the Chairman of the Tourism, Industry, Investment, and Corridor Development Committee, YB Loh Sze Yee, is poised to herald a new era of cultural celebration and digital innovation.

Aligned with the Visit Ipoh Year 2023, the festival’s launch weekend will showcase the Mini Fukuoka Festival, celebrating the friendship between twin cities Fukuoka and Ipoh. For this weekend only, from 26 to 27 August, the festival will transform the Kinta Riverwalk in Ipoh into a realm of cultural splendour.

The vibrant opening ceremony will feature an eclectic mix of cultural performances, including mesmerising lion dances, traditional dances, Japanese music showcases, captivating wayang kulit presentations, and even a thrilling Brazilian jiu-jitsu showcase.

A highlight of the Mini Fukuoka Festival is the participation of a distinguished delegation from the Fukuoka City Council. They will bring the essence of Fukuoka to Ipoh, setting up a dedicated booth to share Japanese treats and engage visitors in cross-cultural conversations.

Designed to be an inclusive event for families, children, and adults alike, the festival offers an array of engaging cultural activities and workshops. Attendees can immerse themselves in the world of wau and origami, create delectable wagashi treats, and experience the elegance of donning traditional kimonos.

A highlight not to be missed is the presence of the Fusion Wayang Kulit team, renowned for crafting Star Wars-inspired puppets. Balloon giveaways, locally-made ice cream delights, and a myriad of fun activities promise to make this a cross-cultural experience.

Audrey Kwan, Festival Director of the Visit Ipoh Festival, expressed her excitement for the event, stating, “We are thrilled to bring this innovative festival to Ipoh. It’s a perfect blend of culture and technology, whilst offering a unique experience for all”

The Mini Fukuoka Festival, happening on the first weekend, will be followed by a bustling Bazaar Serumpun at Kinta Riverwalk for the subsequent six weekends until October 1.

Enriching workshops are in store throughout the 6 weeks, including an Orang Asli weaving session on September 2 at the PSTPA Studio, Ipoh bands showcase on September 9, Brazilian jiu-jitsu taster sessions on September 10, and a breathtaking rooftop painting experience also on September 10.

The 6 week festival will end with The Visit Ipoh Festival Charity Gala of the Arts, an evening of dance, music, and heritage appreciation. You can give your support towards the gala’s cause of nurturing children’s talents to forge the next generation of pillars of the country through arts, culture and education. Your support will provide new opportunities in training, competitions, performance, filmmaking and international knowledge exchange; placing Ipoh on the international creative map.

For more info or to place bookings for workshops and the gala, please contact 0109503243.

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