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‘Let’s Drum Palo’ Set to Reverberate Ipoh

by Anne Das (Photos by Ipoh Drum Academy)

In the soul of Ipoh, where history dances in sync with the present, an extraordinary symphony is set to rock your world. The timeless Tin Alley, a street steeped in the rhythms of yesteryears, will turn into a stage where melodies and beats will unite and groove.

‘Let’s Drum Palo’ Cultural Drum Concert is set to take you on a journey of soul-stirring beats of the diverse percussion culture of Malaysia.

Coach Cayson Chong –  A rhythmic and inspiring leader, a true mentor for the next generation of percussion enthusiasts in Perak.

Leading this percussive awakening is the Ipoh Drum Academy, led by the visionary Coach Cayson Chong. Established in 2018, the academy has been the driving force for percussion arts in Perak. Their mission is crystal clear – to nurture and educate the percussion talents of Perak. Ipoh Drum Academy has orchestrated grand symphonies, earned standing ovations, and passed on their rhythmic wizardry to over a thousand eager disciples.

Ipoh Drum Acedemy led by Cayson Chong will be an adrenaline rush of rhythm and sound.

But what’s a concert without a star-studded ensemble? ‘Let’s Drum Palo’ brings you exceptional percussion squads, each a prodigy in their unique ethnic drumming style. From the stirring Malay rhythms that caress the soul to the thunderous beats of India that make your heart pound and the awe-inspiring 24 Festive Drums entwined with gregarious martial arts that will leave you breathless, it’s a cultural jam like no other!

JB Drum – Hailing from Johor Bahru, JB Drum introduces the Pei Yuan High School 24 Festive Drums to Ipoh. Watch as they come together with a fusion of tradition and innovation.
Kelab Kesenian Kompang dan Gamelan Noreasy Ipoh – This ensemble specialises in Kompang and Gamelan, instruments that resonate with legends and will leave you in awe.
Ipoh Bhangra Group – Armed with the thunderous Dhol drum, they bring the vibrant rhythms of India to Ipoh’s doorstep. With each beat, they’ll have you up and dancing before the night is over.

But that’s just the overture – prepare to be spellbound by Pipa players, Handpan artist, and a Wet Plate Photography maestro. Seven breathtaking acts will keep you on the edge of your seat, proving that rhythm knows no bounds.

Mr. Thong Yong How (Handpan Artist) – His healing melodies will resonate deep within your soul, promising moments of pure serenity through his beats and rhythm.
Mr. Colin Wong (Malaysian Professional Pipa Player) – Watch as Colin’s magical performance proves the universal language of music through the enchanting journey of “Four Seasons.”

Unlike indoor performances, ‘Let’s Drum Palo’ immerses you in the rich tapestry of our historic streets. The magic of drumbeats will intertwine with the city’s history, creating an atmosphere that’s as vibrant as it is nostalgic. Tin Alley, the rhythm heart of Ipoh’s heritage, is surely emerging as the epicentre for cultural celebrations, and this Saturday, it will groove like never before!

Join the Jam – There is no ticket charge and the public is welcome!

Event Date     : 9th September 2023
Event Time     : 7:00 PM – 10.00 PM
Venue             : Jalan Bijeh Timah, Pekan Lama, Ipoh
Contact           : Cayson Chong at +6016-706-0361

‘Let’s Drum Palo’ isn’t just a concert; it’s a groovefest of history, culture, and rhythm. Mark your calendars and let’s experience Tin Alley in a way we’ve never imagined.

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