Commemorate Malaysia Day at Papan’s Old Town Retro Event

Happening This Weekend!

By Anne Das (Photos by Ms Leong Wai Fan)

Papan’s fascinating journey from old town to heritage tourism hub

In honour of Malaysia Day, the Papan Heritage Gallery is proud to host the Papan Old Town Retro Event on September 16th and 17th. This celebration promises to be an enriching experience, offering a unique window into the historical and cultural tapestry of Papan, located in the heart of Perak.

Papan is undergoing a remarkable transformation into a heritage tourism community, harmoniously blending its old town and new village. Over the course of two days, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, this event has been thoughtfully curated to shed light on Papan’s profound historical and cultural heritage, making it an alluring destination for visitors.

Dress in your cultural best and have fun In the Cultural Walk

While this isn’t the first time that Papan has hosted such an event, this year’s edition promises to be particularly memorable. The primary objective is to provide visitors with a delightful and educational experience through a diverse array of activities, offering them a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Malaysia’s rich multicultural heritage. This event seeks to underline how historical elements continue to shape and influence our lives in the present day.

Here are some highlights of what awaits You at the Papan Old Town Retro Event:-

  •       Cultural Fun Walk: Embrace the nostalgia by wearing retro attire and joining the Cultural Fun Walk that meanders through the town’s storied history.
  •       Culinary Delights: Explore the flavours of yesteryears with a delectable array of old-fashioned treats available at various food stalls.
  •       Handmade Crafts: Immerse yourself in traditional craftsmanship by perusing handmade crafts that showcase the town’s artisanal traditions.
One of the interesting activates  – Dulang Washing
  •       Classic Vehicle Exhibition: Step back in time with a rare collection of antique cars and motorcycles that once graced the town’s streets.
  •       Live Performances: Delight in live music and diverse performances that mirror the rich cultural diversity of Malaysia.
  •       Elders’ Stories: Be captivated by the tales and anecdotes shared by elderly residents, offering an intimate insight into Papan’s illustrious history.
Experience Horse Rides with the kids.
  •       Children’s Colouring Contest: Encourage the younger generation to participate in a colouring contest that celebrates the town’s heritage.
  •       ECO GREEN Market: The Batu Gajah District Council is hosting an ECO GREEN market in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  •       Academic Insights: A presentation by AP Mohd Rifzal from UiTM, who will discuss urban conservation strategies for Pekan Papan, offering a unique opportunity for conservation enthusiasts.
Get up close and personal with these vintage beauties

The dedicated Retro event committee, led by Ms. Leong Wan Fan, has embraced the responsibility of organising this event, contributing significantly to the transformation of Papan into a vibrant cultural and historical tourism community.

This event has garnered robust support from local organisations, businesses, merchants, and generous individuals, showcasing the enthusiastic cooperation of all stakeholders. The residents of Papan are eagerly anticipating the event’s potential to attract visitors and breathe new life into their once tranquil community.

The Papan Old Town Retro event is a celebration of Malaysia’s cultural heritage, a nostalgic journey into the past, and an opportunity to support a community’s efforts to preserve its unique identity. It promises both enjoyment and valuable insights.

Join us this Malaysia Day weekend, on September 16th and 17th, in the picturesque town of Papan. Come and experience the past, celebrate our shared heritage, and create lasting memories.

For additional information and detailed schedules, please visit the event’s Facebook page, Papan Old Town, at  or the event committee chairperson, Ms. Leong Wai Fan at 016-550 2157.

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