Jalan Berek the latest tourist attraction to Taiping

By Zaki Salleh
Photo MPT

TAIPING: Classic bicycle riding by participants wearing colorful clothes became the attraction at the opening gimmick of the Jejak Budaya@Jalan Berek program here.

Some are dressed like postmen, colonial workers in traditional clothes.

Also cycling were the Chairman of the Taiping Municipal Council (MPT), Khairul Amir Mohamad Zubir; Taiping Member of Parliament, Wong Kah Woh and Member of the Pokok Assam State Legislative Assembly, Ong Seng Guan.

Jalan Berek which is located in the middle of the city is listed as one of the special locations in Taiping to visit in the Visit Perak Year 2024.

Thus, the effort to preserve Jalan Berek is an important step of the MPT to encourage the people in this area to maintain cleanliness and cheerfulness.

In his speech, Khairul Amir said, this step is to encourage traders in this area to keep the premises clean and cheerful as an attraction.

According to him, this is to encourage the owners and traders of other streets in the city of Taiping to participate in efforts in the same direction.

“In celebrating 2024, which is Visit Perak Year 2024 and 150 Years of Taiping City, we would like to emphasize that Jalan Berek is one of the most special locations in the city of Taiping.

“Here, there are some special features that cannot be found in other streets in this city.

“We are confident that Jalan Berek will continue to be a symbol of the beauty, cheerfulness, and heritage of the city of Taiping that we love,” he said.

Various activities were organized involving the participation of all levels of society.

Among them were a classic bicycle exhibition, coloring competition, traditional fashion and cooking, aerobics, singing and dancing performances of various races, exhibitions and sales of small and medium-sized industrial craft products.

Since the organization of the Jalan Berek Preservation Program was introduced in 2021, it has opened up new opportunities for traders in this area.

One of the most noticeable things is the increase in tourist arrivals.

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