Unauthorized Diesel Storage Raided

By: Zaki Salleh

SITIAWAN – A diesel storage facility in Kampung Acheh here was raided by the authorities from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDN) Perak in Ops Tiris 2.0 last night at 8:30 PM.

The operation was aimed at combating the illegal activities related to the misappropriation and misuse of subsidized diesel products.

The two-story structure had been repurposed as an illicit storage facility. Following their investigation, officials seized two lorries, two diesel tanks, and 3,000 litres of subsidized diesel, amounting to a total value of RM76,750.

Two local men, aged 62 and 44, who were employed as drivers, have been apprehended for questioning as they failed to produce any valid permits for controlled goods.

Further examination of the modified tankers also revealed suspicions that they lacked the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities.

It is believed that the modus operandi of this syndicate involved purchasing diesel at various petrol stations around Seri Manjung and storing it temporarily in this unauthorized facility before reselling it at commercial prices.

The success of this operation can be attributed to two weeks of intelligence gathering conducted by KPDN enforcement officers from the Manjung branch.

This case is being investigated under the Control of Supplies Act 1961 and the Control of Supplies Regulations 1974.

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