Rotary Club of Kinta’s 46th President & Board Installation

Creating Hope in the World

by Anne Das

In an evening filled with hope and service, the Rotary Club of Kinta recently celebrated its 46th Presidential Installation. The theme, “Creating Hope in the World,” not only marked the installation of Mr. Sundralingam Saminathan as the 46th President but also resonated through the introduction of the incoming Board of Directors. This collective enthusiasm signified their dedication to uplifting the club’s legacy.

The event was a joyous celebration of service, community, and an unwavering commitment to making the world a better place.

The Rotary movement began with a vision – that of Paul Harris in Chicago in 1905. It was a vision to bring together professionals from diverse backgrounds, fostering the exchange of ideas and the formation of lifelong friendships. Over time, Rotary’s vision expanded, embracing humanitarian service, and growing into a global movement. Today, there are over 46,000 member clubs worldwide, with a collective membership of 1.4 million individuals known as Rotary members. These Rotarians belong to more than 31,000 Rotary clubs situated in 167 countries and geographical areas.

Mr Sundralingam giving his speech as the newly appointed President of Rotary Club Kinta 2023/2024

Mr. Sundralingam Saminathan PPT, the newly appointed 46th President of the Rotary Club of Kinta, is a dedicated educator with over three decades of teaching experience. He is also a passionate advocate for heritage, historical sites, and community development. His leadership roles in various non-governmental organisations have earned him numerous awards, underscoring his exceptional leadership skills. As President, he brings a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to service, embodying the Rotary spirit of creating hope and making a positive impact on the world.

He expressed in his speech, “Service to others is the rent I pay for my room on earth,” emphasising his commitment to making the world a better place. As a former Honorary Secretary of the National Union of the Teaching Profession, he believes his past experiences will contribute to Rotary’s mission.

President Sundralingam singing ‘Widuri’ ~ a popular Indonesian song on stage, inspiring guests to contribute generously to the noble cause of PapanSouls.

One of the highlights of the evening was the introduction of Mr. Sundralingam’s presidential dream project, “Project Dawn.” This initiative, born out of his love for his late pet, Dawn, aims to support the PapanSouls Society in feeding over 250 deprived stray dogs abandoned in the Papan Dumpsite. In a heartwarming and musical fundraising effort, President Sundralingam sang “Widuri” and raised an impressive RM 2,435 . These funds will be used to purchase food for the stray dogs, symbolising compassion, and hope in action.

The Rotary Club of Kinta’s 46th Presidential Installation was a splendid event that celebrated the spirit of service, community, and hope. With a new leader at the helm and a vision of “Creating Hope in the World,” this Rotary Club is poised to make a significant impact in the community and beyond. The evening was filled with inspiring moments, from the introduction of “Project Dawn” to the musical fundraising effort and the heartfelt messages from Rotary leaders. It was a celebration of hope and a reminder that even in challenging times, the power of service and unity can bring about positive change.

The Rotary Club of Kinta is set to embark on a year of making a difference, creating hope, and leaving an indelible mark on the world.

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