KPJ Ipoh Ready to Accept International Patients, Aims to Become a Medical City

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH: KPJ Ipoh Hospital is prepared to accept patients from abroad, aligning with the aspiration to make Ipoh a healthcare city that stands on par with other states.

As the first private hospital in the city, KPJ Ipoh Hospital is among the best in the network of KPJ Hospitals.

Furthermore, it is the only private medical centre in this city with expertise covering all types of treatments.

The Chief Executive Officer of KPJ Ipoh, Badrul Hisyam Ibrahim, mentioned that Ipoh has the potential to become a medical city in Malaysia due to its unique advantages.

“I welcome the proposal by Ipoh Mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin that Ipoh is on track to become a healthcare city by 2025, given the rapid construction of several medical centres currently underway. For KPJ Ipoh Hospital, we have already been preparing for this by having expertise in all areas of treatment.

“At present, we have more than 150 resident doctors, each specializing in their respective fields,” he said.

He made these remarks during a recent tea party and media gathering held by KPJ Ipoh.

Elaborating further, Badrul Hisyam mentioned that KPJ Ipoh is currently receiving patients from Indonesia due to their confidence in the services provided.

“These patients are willing to take flights from places like Jakarta to Singapore and then directly to Ipoh. Therefore, one essential aspect in this matter is ease of transportation, including air travel,” he noted.

Rumaizi previously stated that the construction of several healthcare centres in and around the city involves an initial investment exceeding RM1 billion.

Most of the infrastructure is currently under construction, with facilities like the Perak Community Specialist Hospital (PCSH) and Seri Botani Hospital already completed.

Furthermore, the hospital in Bandar Sunway, Tambun (Sunway Medical Center) is expected to be completed soon.

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