Opinion: Solution for Running Traffic Lights

By Dr. Chakr Nagara

A very severe punishment. And the whole thing is totally illogical. Yes, running the lights is a very dangerous act that can result in fatalities.  But , simply handing out severe jail terms is to create an overload in a jail.

System that is already overwhelmed. And it does not stop the bad habit immediately.

My suggestion is simple , cheap and will work immediately. Have road bumps BEFORE the traffic lights. Every junction where there are road lights.

Cheap? Yes. Effective? Sure. Easy? Definitely easier than going through the due process of law enforcement (arrest, summons, court cases, appeal, lawyers, and building more jails, ) to name a few impediments to speedy and effective answer to a highly dangerous road habit. Take my advice to the authorities.

To every problem there are a multitude of answers. The trick is to find the easiest and most effective answer. QED. Remember these 3 letters in school maths? Latin for “Quid Et Demostatrum “. Or in plain  English , “Quite Easily Done”.

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