Remove the stigma of horseback riding and archery as sports for elites

By Aida Aziz

TRONOH: Horseback riding sports have often been associated with the perception of being elite or expensive for the common people.

However, the approach taken by KRT Horse Stable and Archery has proven to provide equal opportunities for all.

The presence of equestrian and archery sports within the residential area of Taman Tasek Putra offers numerous benefits to the public.

Recognizing the advancing world and the growing preference for e-sports and online gaming during leisure time, the initiative driven by the Neighborhood Watch Committee (KRT) here,) in promoting these sports deserves praise.

As we approach KRT Horse Stable and Archery, it becomes evident that it also includes children with autism, as studies have shown that horseback riding is beneficial for therapy.

According to the manager and sports coach, Mohammad Alif Syahmi Mohammad Sofian, 31, this effort has been a collaborative endeavor with the KRT in the area since last February.

“The idea arose to develop this park because nowadays, it can be seen that people don’t care about who their nearest neighbors are.

“Since I have experience in horseback riding and archery, we tried to establish this place for local residents to get to know each other and strengthen community bonds.

“All of this wouldn’t have been possible without solid support from the KRT Chairman himself.

Initially, we thought it was impossible to ride horses in a residential park because it’s not easy to manage,” he said.

He further explained that all four horses here are his own, purchased in Terengganu and Penang.

He added that the sport instills leadership qualities, bravery, and makes participants more resilient.

Speaking further about the involvement of individuals with autism in the sport, Alif mentioned that families send their children there for horseback riding sessions.

“It serves as therapy for children with autism, making them calmer, more focused, and improving their communication skills.

“I have also studied equestrian and archery sports in various places, including Indonesia,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the participants, Muhammad ‘Ash Arif Khairul Azhar, 13, mentioned that he started participating in the activity last year.

“I hope more people will take up this sport, we can gain many benefits like stamina and self-strength. It’s worth learning,” he said.

The Chairman of Taman Tasek Putra, Shahril Ridhwan Jalaludin, 36, stated that the public is welcome to join the activities at a very affordable rate.

“It’s all the result of teamwork and the efforts of the local community. We appreciate everyone’s contributions from the beginning until now. KRT will do everything it can to promote these sports here.

“The stable is open every day, and the public can join horseback riding, archery, and horseback archery classes. For more information, you can contact 010-3695809,” he said.

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