The flood victims in Perak have decreased and PPS in Pengkalan Hulu has been closed

By Aida Aziz
Photo APM Perak

IPOH: The number of flood victims in Perak has decreased to 302 people this evening, compared to 353 people at 8 am earlier today.

A spokesperson for the Flood Disaster Management Committee in the District stated that this decrease is due to the closure of the temporary relocation center (PPS) at the Kampung Kuak Luar Public Hall, Pengkalan Hulu, at 12 noon today.

He mentioned that as of 2 pm on Saturday, there are still four PPS centers open, each in the Kerian and Hulu Perak districts.

These include PPS centers at Padang Tembak Multipurpose Hall, Teluk Intan Municipal Council Hall, Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Changkat Lobak and SK Alor Pongsu.

“After monitoring conducted together with the police, Civil Defense Force, Village Head, and other agencies, the situation in Pengkalan Hulu is safe from flood disaster and all victims have carried out cleaning work and returned to their homes,” he said in a statement today.

Previously, there were 41 victims from 14 families placed in the relevant PPS. This involved flood victims from Kampung Paya Kuak Luar, Kampung Bukit Serdang Air Panas, Kampung Kuak Tengah and Kampung Raja Kayu.

Earlier, the media reported that a total of 353 people from 103 families affected by the flood were still placed in five temporary relocation centers (PPS) in Perak this morning, compared to 419 people from 121 families yesterday.

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